Jonathan Cipriano

I am a creative developer based in San Francisco, CA. Presently, I am a Creative Research & Development Manager at AKQA leading development and engineering on the Levi's and Anheuser-Busch accounts. Throughout my nine year career I have created digital media and applications for some of the worlds top brands including Nike, Xbox, Target and Gap.


Levi’s teamed up with Dave Eggers to create the Station to Station project - a tour of international artists, musicians, writers and thinkers transported by train across America. #MakeOurMark was the accompanying digital campaign that brought the experience to social networks around the world.

Client: Levi's
Agency: AKQA, FakeLove
Role: Technical Manager
Technologies: NFC, Arduino, WebGL, Azure, Instagram API, SoundCloud API, Twitter API

I/O Airshow

For the 2013 Google I/O, Google+ wanted to make a big presence to show off the platform. The I/O Airshow featured remote controlled blimps armed with HD webcams and a Raspberry Pi brain. Photos from the blimps were uploaded in real-time to a Google+ event page. Video was live streamed to YouTube. An Android tablet app accompanied the pilot allowing attendees to rotate the camera and watch a live bird’s eye view of the showroom floor.

Client: Google+
Agency: AKQA
Role: Technical Manager
Technologies: Raspberry Pi, Node.js, Python, Google+ API

The new was comepletly redesigned and reengineered from the ground up. The new home of Audi USA's web presence features a responsive and adaptive design, an innovative configurator and intelligent search.

Client: Audi USA
Agency: AKQA
Role: Technical Manager, Developer
Technologies: Adobe CQ, Java, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, SASS, Jenkins

Remember Reach

Halo Reach was a highly anticipated new entry into the Halo franchise for Xbox. The game’s story revolves around a group of special forces soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the future of humanity. To pay tribute to the fallen heros, a physical monument of light was created to immortalize them. Users were invited to select a point of light that would become a part of a light sculpture. In real-time a Kuka Robotics arm would place the point of light.

Client: Xbox, Halo Reach
Agency: AKQA, Autofuss
Role: Architect, Lead Developer
Technologies: Silverlight, C#.NET, Python, Kuka Robotics

Gap needed a campaign to rebuild their style cred on the web. To achieve this, relationships were developed with popular style blogs across the web. Gap provided the clothes and the bloggers created their own looks that were featured on their website as well as the main campaign site. A look book widget was developed for bloggers to impleemnt right on their site. The campaign was a shining example of media, engineering, and creative integration.

Client: Gap
Agency: AKQA
Role: Architect, Lead Developer
Technologies: Javascript, Backbone.js, SASS, SiteCore, C#.NET, Azure

Fable Web Hexer

For the release of Fable: The Journey for Xbox Kinect, Xbox needed a way to bring the fun of Kinect to the browser. A bookmarklet was created that enabled users to destroy the internet. Using mouse gestures in the form of shapes in the browser, you could arm yourself with fire, lighting, or blades. A scoreboard kept track of all the highest scores as users brought destruction to the web.

Client: Xbox, Fable The Journey
Agency: AKQA
Role: Technical Manager, Architect
Technologies: Javascript, SASS, C#.NET, Azure

Brothers to the End

For the third installment of the Gears of War video game franchise, Xbox wanted to celebrate the brotherhood between the two main characters of the game. To bring this to the masses, visitors to the site were directed to invite a “brother” to simultaneously click a virtual detonator. If the two “brothers” clicked the buttons within specific time frame they would be treated to a video spectacle of explosions, special content and bragging rights.

Client: Xbox, Gears of War
Agency: AKQA, Autofuss
Role: Architect, Lead Developer
Technologies: Actionscript 3, Robotlegs, C#.NET, Azure


Tonik was designed and engineered to bring health insurance to young adults. The challenge was distilling a normally complex and boring application process down to something simple and unintimidating. The result was a series of mostly yes or no questions and an instant, auto-adjudicating application system. The product was widely successful and exceeded conversion expectations year after year.

Client: Wellpoint, Blue Cross of California
Agency: Grey
Role: Developer
Technologies: Flex, Actionscript 3, PHP, Java, WebSphere

Work History

AKQA Creative Research & Development Manager Google, Levi's, Anheuser-Busch, Xbox, Gap 2011 - Present
AKQA Senior Creative Developer Nike, Xbox 2009 - 2011
McCann / MRM Senior Interactive Developer Microsoft, HP, Boys & Girls Club, N.E.R.D. 2008 - 2009
McCann / MRM Interactive Developer Microsoft 2007 - 2008
Grey Interactive Developer Wellpoint, Oracle, SanDisk, McCafee, Nokia 2004 - 2007
Lockheed Martin Systems Analyis & Design Intern NASA Space Station Biological Research Program 2000 - 2001

Work Experience

  • Managing Offshore Developers in Europe, India, China & Argentina
  • Managing Developer Employees
    (Reviews & Disciplinary Actions)
  • Setting Coding Standards & Hiring Requirements
  • Conducting Interviews for Development/Engineering & User Experience
  • Creative Concepting
    with Cross-Disciplinary Teams
  • New Business Pitches
  • Client Communications

Primary Technical Skills

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Flash, Actionscript 3
  • jQuery, Backbone.js, Robotlegs
  • Mustache, Handlebars
  • Node.js with Express
  • Grunt.js, SASS, Yeoman
  • Three.js, WebGL
  • Socket I/O, PubNub
  • Bookmarklets & Browser Extensions
  • GIT, SVN
  • Heroku, AppEngine, Azure
  • APIs: Facebook, G+, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter

Secondary Technical Skills

  • Python with Webapp2
  • Ruby on Rails
  • C#.NET for Silverlight & WPF
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pie
  • Mobile Development (Android, iOS)
  • DNS Configuration

Conceptual Skills

  • Working with Continous Integration
  • Scrum, Agile, Waterfall
  • Retrospective Facilitation
  • Model-View-Control and Design Patterns
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Analytics Implementations
    (Google Analytics, Omniture)
  • Social Strategies
  • Responsive & Adaptive Design